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Serving between San Antonio and Austin, Mudcow Septic takes care of all your septic needs.
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If you want the most trusted septic tank pumping and cleaning company serving San Antonio and Austin, then reach out to us here at Mudcow Septic. Our experienced team will gladly tackle the most unpleasant of sewage situations sanitarily so you don’t have to!

Septic Pumping

Mudcow Septic offers professional and clean septic pumping services in San Antonio, Austin, and all points in between. Whether you’ve noticed an odd smell or a sudden leak, chances are you need your septic tank pumped! It’s important to have this done regularly, and we’re here to help.


Did you know you need to have your septic filter cleaned or changed every six months? It’s true — and this type of maintenance can help prevent disaster! Get your home on a septic filter schedule and keep your system clog-free with Mudcow Septic’s tank effluent filter services.


Make your septic tank more easily accessible to technicians and home inspectors with a septic tank riser installation. Septic tank risers make it so much easier to pump, repair, and maintain your septic system — all while saving you money in the long run. Ask us how!


Mudcow knows that septic system treatments help tremendously with keeping your tank happy in between regular services. From bacterial treatments to cesspool treatments, and all of the granular septic system treatments available in between, our experts know how to keep your waste systems harmonious.

Pump installATION

If you want a quality septic tank pump installation from Austin to San Antonio, Mudcow Septic has the skills you need. Whether you need a pump installed in an existing septic tank or one installed in a separate pump station, we have you covered. Ask us about septic tank alarms that can warn you of pump failure ahead of time.

customer service

We pride ourselves in providing polite, efficient, and earnest customer service. With our expert backgrounds, compassionate understanding, and meticulous handling of even the most urgent situations, there is no team better equipped to handle any septic service job from San Antonio to Austin. We’d love to show you firsthand!

 Septic Experts

Central Texas Septic SERVICE Needs

Housing in both suburban and rural areas of Texas has increased exponentially over recent years. Naturally, this leads to a rise in the need of septic maintenance and repair, as well as many new installations of septic systems in San Antonio, Austin, and points between. Throughout Central Texas, local and state governments now require your septic systems to “account for local conditions.” This is done, in short, to keep cesspool and waste systems throughout the state functioning sanitarily and in a way that’s environmentally friendly. This is typically determined through an evaluation of your property. This means the different types of OSSFs, or On-Site Sewage Facilities, available to property owners has also increased. Avoid facing serious fines and criminal complaints post-evaluation—reach out to Mudcow Septic today and make sure your OSSF choice is up to regulation and in good working order!

We Do Your Dirty Work!

Let’s be real here — there is nothing about maintaining waste systems that you want to do yourself. In addition to its overall unpleasantness, the digging, measuring, cleaning, and oftentimes confusing labor that comes along with the territory is not an easy or ideal situation for you to be in as a homeowner. In fact, most septic system emergencies can morph into a serious problem. If there’s a toxic leak, flood, or backup of sewage, things can become quite unhealthy for you or your family. Luckily, Mudcow Septic serves the Austin-San Antonio area with a team of trained professionals who not only get your job done cleanly, efficiently, and safely, but also do all of that unpleasant, dirty work so you don’t have to. Mudcow Septic offers septic tank pumping, cleaning and repair services, as well as septic pump, filter, and riser installation in Austin, San Antonio, and beyond.

Mudcow proudly offers septic services to Austin, Barton Creek, Bastrop, Bluff Springs, Buda, Canyon Lake, Dripping Springs, Garfield, Geronimo, Gonzales, Hunter, Kingsbury, Kyle, Lockhart, Luling, Manchaca, McQueeney, New Braunfels, San Antonio, San Marcos, Seguin, Selma, Wimberly, and Wyldwood, TX.


“It could not have gone better! Wayne Tori came quickly was punctual, professional, and drained my septic tank. As I have additional problems, he was honest, not sugar-coating my situation, and was able to give me suggestions for choices moving forward.”
Angi User

“I am so pleased with the professionalism and friendly service that Wayne Terry of Mudcow Septic provided for pumping my septic system. He came promptly the next day and arrived at the scheduled time. He provided quick and efficient service to get the job done. Save yourself some time and headaches and just contact Mudcow Septic first for all of your pumping needs – AND for a more affordable price! There’s simply no other company that even comes close. I know it can be a dirty job, but why do the other company have to be so inefficient. Wayne Terry of Mudcow Septic did great job of pumping my septic in a timely manner! I will certainly refer anyone in need of septic pumping to Mudcow Septic!”

Alan Smith

“Replaced our drain field and they were very professional from start to finish. They came out on time, diagnosed the issue promptly and scheduled the work quickly. They had great customer service and were very thorough. I will be using this company from now on!”
Angi User

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