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when was your filter changed?

Your septic tank does have filters, believe it or not! Some older septic tanks may not have them, but did you know that many local governmental bodies now require a filtered septic tank? To keep things moving smoothly on your property in Austin or San Antonio, these septic tank filters need regular cleaning and replacement. The effluent filter reduces clogging in your drain field, or “leach field.” This helps prevent and slow solids from building up in your tank, reducing the chance of slow draining sinks or toilets backing up. Septic tank filter maintenance also allows you to extend a bit of time between filter cleanings, replacements, and even septic pumping.

The recommended amount of time between septic tank filter cleanings will vary depending on your individual household usage. If you’re in Austin, San Antonio, or in between, Mudcow Septic should inspect your septic system about every six months. There could be a decent amount of matter built up inside your septic filter, and if the filter can’t keep that buildup out of your drain, an unpleasant sewage situation can grow out of control very quickly.

Mudcow Septic provides professional septic tank filter cleaning and replacement in San Antonio, Austin, and throughout the Texas Hill Country. Reach out to us today, and we will make an expert assessment of your effluent filter’s condition. Depending on the result, we may fully replace your septic tank filter. If your filter looks to be in better condition than anticipated, we can just give it a good, thorough cleaning and have it working like new for you again.

Our team is more than happy to come examine the septic system at your property in San Antonio or Austin, and help you figure out what the best maintenance schedule would be for your family’s specific sewage system needs.

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