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All kinds of septic systems require a pump installation. These are mostly needed for septic tanks that are situated lower than the drain field, or “leach field.” Sometimes, gravity needs a little help — and Mudcow Septic knows just what kind of push it needs.

At Mudcow, our San Antonio septic pump installation experts will also be able to determine whether your existing pump needs to be repaired or replaced. If it sounds like your pump is having difficulty moving waste, we can take a look. If you suspect your pump’s motor has burned out, or the float needs a replacement, we can take care of that, too.

Whether your new septic system on your property in Austin or San Antonio needs a septic effluent pump or a grinder pump installed, we have just the tools and experience needed for the job. Even if you’re not totally sure which kind of septic tank pump you need installed — or whether you even need one at all — we can gladly make that assessment for you. We will also help to ensure that all new septic tank pump installations come accompanied by any necessary permits required by San Antonio, Austin, or whichever Hill Country community you live in.

Ask us about septic tank pump alarm installations as well! These alarms are a fantastic way to avoid pump failure and critically reduce unnecessary servicing done on your septic tank. Our team can wire the float switch that turns on the septic pump to an alarm system that will sound if the pump doesn’t do its job. These can also usually be accompanied by a small, efficient flashing light setup if necessary.

Mudcow Septic is the top septic tank pump installation company in Austin and San Antonio, offering grinder pumps and effluent pumps for your septic system. Contact us today and we’ll help you discover the most optimal septic tank pump setup for your sewage system. Never be surprised by sewage backup again!

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